Various Artists – Oi! This Is Streetpunk! Volume Four (LP)

150 kr

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Begagnat / Used Punk & Oi

Format: Lp
Bolag: Pirates press
År: 2014
Pressning: USA
Skick: Excellent (två små hål i fodralet efter metallpin som ej är med).
Övrigt: Limiterad upplaga på grå vinyl. Ingen pin.

Side: A

1 The Last Resort– Fuck ’Em All
2 Bishops Green– Another Door
3 Hard Evidence – Criminals & Outcasts
4 Razors In The Night– My Boots Are Red
5 Gestalts – Made To Pay
6 Geoffrey Oi!cott– Bail Jumpers
7 Duffy’s Cut– Persecution Complex

Side: B
1 Evil Conduct– Yesterday’s Rebellion
2 Infa-Riot – I’m More Punk Than You
3 Lion’s Law– It’s A Shame
4 Bombshell Rocks– Scars And Tattoos
5 Last Seen Laughing– You’re Fucking Dumb
6 Suede Razors– Longshot Kid
7 Lenny Lashley – Hooligans


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