Attila The Stockbroker – Radio Rap! (12″EP)

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Format: 12″ EP
Bolag: Cherry Red (82)
År: 1984
Pressning: UK
Skick vinyl: Excellent. Omslag: Very good +

Side: A
1 Radio Rap! (Lobotomised Wombat Mix)

Side: B
1 Everytime I Eat Vegetables…
2 Let The Drain Take The Strain
3 Vomit On A Viking
4 Take A Leak On A Greek
5 Albanian Rifle Poem
6 Nigel Wants To Join The S.A.S.
7 I Don’t Talk To Pop Stars
8 Love And Herpes….
9 A Letter From Nigel’s Mum
10 Russians Versus The Tetley Bittermen
11 Poetry Requiem
12 Radio Dub (Traumatised Turbot Mix)

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