Two hot releases out summer 2022 AMTY Records

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Hjalmar B Allstars ”Gin & Is” on 10″ vinyl. Lee Perrys performs his last track on the record!

The Liptones ”Wolfman” on 12″ double vinyl. Both are delayed.



Always on the run !

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We are always on the run! Though. Perhaps we have not updated the english version for a while. That does not mean AMTY is not up and running, only lack of time. If you need help with an order order, help with retirement savings or something else. Just drop us an e-mail. info(at)




Out now, new single with That Driving Beat!!

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AUGUST SALE on new Brutus Trimfits

Publicerad 30 juli, 2018 kl. 22:57 i kategorin News

Sale in August on all new Brutus Trimfits.


Finaly It’s here – Supertonic Sound Clubs 7″

Publicerad 27 maj, 2018 kl. 22:15 i kategorin News

After a long wait the new Supertonic Sound Club single is finaly here. The band delivers a superb Soul music. This is the thirt vinyl 7″ by AMTY Reciords. First out were Scheherazade featuring Dave Barker with realy good Skinhead Reggae tunes. From there on their releases has been sweet soul music!

By the single here: