Ethiopians - The world goes ska

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CD Ska & Reggae

Track 9, 16, 19

Ännu en härlig platta med den ruggigt bra vokalistgruppen. Ta bara låtar som ”The World Goes Ska” och AMTYs dj-favorit ”Solid as A Rock”.

1. I need you
2. Do it sweet
3. Stay loose mama
4. The world goes ska
5. Give me your love
6. You get the dough
7. Sh boom (life could be a dream)
8. Long time now
9. I´m not losing you
10. Everyday talking
11. Wreck it up
12. Hang on (don´t let it go)
13. I´ll never get burnt
14. So you lock on it
15. He´s not a rebel
16. Mothers tender care
17. Sad news
18. Rim bam bam
19. I need  someone
20. Solid as a rock


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