Sensitives - Boredom fighters

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CD Punk & Oi

The Sensitives andra platta. Bra svensk punk rakt igenom hela plattan. Digipack. Med på köpet får du en ölöppnare/kylskåpsmagnet med bandets logga, se lilla bilden.

Track: 3, 6, 12

1. No Way
2. How The Fuck
3. Old Fashioned Fuck Off
4. Suburbs of Vilnius
5. Everybody Thinkgs They’re Right
6. Kid’s Gonna Be A Misfit
7. Fashion Show Of Rock’n’roll
8. You’re Dead
9. The Ugly Song (Weird Things Happens At Night)
10. I’m Sorry That I Fucked It Up
11. This Is Home
+ (hidden tracks)


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