Beat – The 7″ singles collection (13X7″Box)

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Alla The Beats 13 singlar från  1979-83 samlade i denna box. Limiterad upplaga.

Singel 1
A: Tears Of A Clown
B: Ranking Full Stop

Sibgel 2
A. Hands Off…She’s Mine
B. Twist And Crawl

Singel 3
A. Mirror In The Bathroom
B. Jackpot

Singel 4
A. Best Friend
B. Stand Down Margaret (dub)

Singel 5
A. Too Nice To Talk To
B. Psychedelic Rockers

Singel 6
A. Drowning
B. All Out To Get You

Singel 7
A. Doors Of Your Heart
B. Get-A-Job

Singel 8
A. Hit It (Auto Erotic)
B. Which Side Of The Bed…?

Singel 9
A. Save It For Later
B. What’s Your Best Thing

Singel 10
A. Jeanette
B. March Of The Swivel Heads

Singel 11
A. I Confess
B. Sole Salvation

Singel 12
A. Can’t Get Used To Losing You (1983 Remix)
B. Spar Wid Me

Singel 13
A. Ackee 1-2-3
B. Monkey Murders

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