Another Mans Poison – Oi! Discography Volume 1 (LP)

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Ett av tidigt 90 – tals bästa engelska Oi band i vårt tycke. Skivan kommer med insert.

Sid: A
1 Stick To Your Guns
2 Selling Out
3 Stiff Upper Lip
4 Greed Surround
5 Spirit Of Bobby Moore
6 Something Outta Nothing
7 Happiness Is A Loan
8 Alf Garnett’s Heart Attack

Sid: B
1 Working Museum
2 Howsa ’Bout That
3 I Spit On My Fist
4 Wallop
5 Now That’s What I Call
6 Alf Garnett’s Heart Attack (Old Version)
7 Sitting On The Scaffold

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