Magadogs – Gimmie some more (7″Ep)

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Track 1, 2, 3

Gimmie some more
Come on (extended version)

The heads


The Magadogs ”Gimme Some More”
Swedish based band The Magadogs had this very nice two track released recently on CD. Ill maybe have to hear more of them some time soon, so gimmie some more I like it. The single was released on a 7″ with 3 tracks, my copy is a 2-track CD promo! Really nice stuff. Ska Patrol Nr 8

A CD single from a Swedish label that usually concentrates on vinyl but have also released the Xplosin retrospective album this year. The Magadogs are representative of a great deal of European Ska in that they concentrate on pounding rhythm and jovial singalong melodies that pause every verse or so to let the brass section show off a bit. It won’t shake the world but it’s good dancing Ska, never the less. The second track is a rootsier effort that, once more, won’t exercise the brain muscles but will build up the muscles in your dancing feet. The band has a website-www., which may well, be worth having a look at. In these days of Punk hybrid Ska bands swarming all over the scene like locusts this is actually a relief and a refreshing change. 2-Tone style Ska that reminds me why I got into the music in the first place. (Mad Not Mat Nr 9)

Another top notch AMTY new release, the Gimme Some More 7″ single by Swedish outfits The Magadogs. The Magadogs play an upbeat mix of ska, rocksteady and reggae with a touch of 60s soul/pop and their single features 3 really catchy tunes that will have you singing along in to time. (Do The Dog Nr 24)

The Magadogs kommer från Östersund och ligger enligt AMTY bakom en ny dancecraze som heter rockscaggae och kan beskrivas som en modern blandning av rocksteady, ska och reggae med en liten nypa 60’s soul/pop. Jag säger inte emot. 3 spår innehåller dena 7″. ”Gimmie some more”, ”Come on (extended version)” och ”The heads” skönt och dansvänligt!
Betyg 4 av 5 (Umezine nr 5)

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