Splodgenessabounds – The artful splodger

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Platta från 2001 galningen Splodge, tillsammans med ett gäng andra punkhjältar som tex. Micky Fits från Business. Rolig och bra platta med en ny version av ”Two pints of lager and a packet of chrisps”.

1. Primrose of the valley
2. Bloody disgrace
3. Nausea vomiting diahorea
4. A fistful of shittetrs
5. Don‘t you just hate it
6. Storm from the east
7. The laughing policeman
8. 667, the neighbour of the beast
9. Two pints of lager and a packet of Chrisps
10. Woe is me
11. A tinny or two
12. Parallel lines
13. Not as easy as it looks
14. I don‘t know what did i do that for?
15. Egg sandwich
16. What i do behind closed doors

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