AMTY Records is an independent recordcompany with carefully selected quality releases in ska, reggae, punk, oi! and northen soul. We’ve got both physical and digital distribution.

[amty_records title=’Hjalmar B – Gin & Is’ subtitle=’AMTY100 – 2021′ description=’ 10″. Hjalmar B with guest artist Lee Perry.  (Release summer 2021)’ img_id=’31357′]

[amty_records title=’Käftsmäll – Syster’ subtitle=’AMTY099 – 2021′ description=’ Digital Singel. (21-03-26)’ img_id=’31356′]

[amty_records title=’Headons – Finns det några snygga barn?’ subtitle=’AMTY098 – 2020′ description=’ Digital Singel. Christmas song.  (Release December 2020)’ img_id=’30241′]

[amty_records title=’Käftsmäll – Bosse Bläck’ subtitle=’AMTY097 – 2020′ description=’ Digital Singel. Punk from Stockholm.  (Release 20-12-11)’ img_id=’29872′]

[amty_records title=’Supertonic Sound Club – Let´s Get Arrested’ subtitle=’AMTY094 & 96 – 2020′ description=’ 7″. Latest single from Irish 9 piece band, Let’s Get Arrested is a catchy slice of uptempo modern soul. (Release winter 2021)’ img_id=’29803′]

[amty_records title=’Headons – Ebba Brun’ subtitle=’AMTY095 – 2020′ description=’ Digital Singel. Halmstad Punk.  (Release hösten 2020)’ img_id=’29521′]

[amty_records title=’Scenic Belly – Allsvenskt Igen’ subtitle=’AMTY093 – 2020′ description=’ Digital Singel. (Release 20-08-21)’ img_id=’29476′]

[amty_records title=’Käftsmäll – Håll Käften’ subtitle=’AMTY091 – 2020′ description=’ Digital Singel. Stockholmspunk.  (Release 20-07-24)’ img_id=’29429′]

[amty_records title=’Hjalmar B Allstars – Hisingen Reggae’ subtitle=’AMTY089 & 90 – 2020′ description=’ 7″. Reggae/Rocksteady from Göteborg.  (Release summer 2020)’ img_id=’29088′]

[amty_records title=’White Monkey – Still Monkeys’ subtitle=’AMTY088 – 2020′ description=’ Digital EP. Punkrock from Sweden, Strängnäs. (20-05-22)’ img_id=’28975′]

[amty_records title=’The Statement – Daft’ subtitle=’AMTY087 – 2020′ description=’ Digital single. Ska from Sweden, Landskrona. (20-05-01)’ img_id=’28941′]

[amty_records title=’Lasse Pop Experience – Marshall cranked to 11′ subtitle=’AMTY086 – 2020′ description=’ Digital EP. (200131)’ img_id=’28071′]

[amty_records title=’Sally & The Monkeys – ’ subtitle=’AMTY085 – 2020′ description=’ Digital Lp. Ska from Göteborg. (200110)’ img_id=’27973′]

[amty_records title=’Doka – The Bitter Taste’ subtitle=’AMTY084 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Punk from Bollnäs. (20191220)’ img_id=’27969′]

[amty_records title=’Scenic Belly – Då som nu ’ subtitle=’AMTY081 & 83 – 2020′ description=’ 10″. Punk from Halmstad. (20200313)’ img_id=’28543′]

[amty_records title=’Dom Oönskade – ’ subtitle=’AMTY080 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Punk from Sundsvall. (191213)’ img_id=’27875′]

[amty_records title=’Skalatones – 2YK’ subtitle=’AMTY082 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Ska (Release 20191018)’ img_id=’27653′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Spökstan – Live’ subtitle=’AMTY077 – 2019′ description=’ Digital Lp. Spökstan live. (Release 20191115)’ img_id=’27651′]

[amty_records title=’Doka – When the conspiracy becomes the truth’ subtitle=’AMTY079 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Punk”. (Release 20190906)’ img_id=’27655′]

[amty_records title=’Käftsmäll – Nr:2′ subtitle=’AMTY078 – 2019′ description=’ CDEP. Punk from Stockholm. (Release 20190725)’ img_id=’27411′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Spökstan – Hål i betongen’ subtitle=’AMTY075 – 2019′ description=’ LP. Dirty ska from Stockholm.’ img_id=’27652′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Stoppa Tjuven – Sova’ subtitle=’AMTY076 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Stoppa Tjuven once again with punky country rock n roll. (Release 20190607)’ img_id=’27260′]

[amty_records title=’Spökstan – Filosofi’ subtitle=’AMTY074 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Finally! Spökstan is back with their dirty ska.  (Release autumn 2019)’ img_id=’27263′]

[amty_records title=’Headons – Bäst före 16-10-2014′ subtitle=’AMTY073 – 2019′ description=’ Digital LP. Headons with eight digitally punk tracks. (Release 20190614)’ img_id=’27264′]

[amty_records title=’Högkvarteret – Allas lika värde’ subtitle=’AMTY072 – 2019′ description=’ Digital LP. Aggressive punk from Bollnäs i lång version (Release 20190510)’ img_id=’26768′]

[amty_records title=’That Driving Beat – My weakness is you’ subtitle=’AMTY071 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Northern Soul from Stockholm. (Release 20190412)’ img_id=’26412′]

[amty_records title=’Högkvarteret – Satan bär vingar’ subtitle=’AMTY070 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Aggressive punk from Bollnäs. ’ img_id=’26308′]

[amty_records title=’Stoppa Tjuven – Hej alla drömmare’ subtitle=’AMTY068 – 2019′ description=’ Digital single. Stoppa Tjuven is country rock n roll with a punky touch.’ img_id=’25175′]

[amty_records title=’The Statement – The Backseat Driver’ subtitle=’AMTY066 – 2018′ description=’ Digital single. The Statement is the new Skalatones och Mobster. ’ img_id=’24881′]

[amty_records title=’Scenic Belly – Here comes the weekend’ subtitle=’AMTY065 – 2018′ description=’ Digital single. Swedish punk/Oi. (Release 20181102)’ img_id=’24879′]

[amty_records title=’Topper – Are We All Damned’ subtitle=’AMTY069 – 2018′ description=’ Cd. Toppers fourth record. (Release 20181019)’ img_id=’24880′]

[amty_records title=’Prygel – Prygel’ subtitle=’AMTY067 – 2018′ description=’ Digital LP. Prygel from Kalmar plays punk.’ img_id=’24219′]

[amty_records title=’Volver – Burning Bridges’ subtitle=’AMTY064 – 2018′ description=’ Digital LP. 12 punkrock songs.  Motorhead meets Rancid.’ img_id=’24220′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’That Driving Beat – Get together with’ subtitle=’AMTY063 – 2018′ description=’ 7″.Northern Soul from Stockholm. ’ img_id=’23667′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Svintask – Svinhugg går igen’ subtitle=’AMTY062 – 2018′ description=’Cd. Swedish pig dicks.’ img_id=’22768′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’DOKA – Separate ways’ subtitle=’AMTY058 – 2018′ description=’ Lp. Nine punk hits from Bollnäs, Sweden. ’ img_id=’22741′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’DOKA – Yourself to blame, Separate ways & I know your name’ subtitle=’AMTY059-61 – 2018′ description=’Digitally singles.’ img_id=’23660′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Käftsmäll – 1:an’ subtitle=’AMTY057 – 2018′ description=’Cd/Ep. Swedish punk ’ img_id=’22769′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Svintask – Gör mål hur svårt ska det va?’ subtitle=’AMTY056 – 2018′ description=’Digital single. Swedish punk.’ img_id=’24215′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Ska´N´Ska – Boom’ subtitle=’AMTY055 – 2018′ description=’7″. Two Balkan-ska songs. ’ img_id=’22767′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Doka & Junkstars – Turn off the TV’ subtitle=’AMTY054 – 2018′ description=’Digital single”. 2018 split song. ’ img_id=’22652′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Dims Rebellion’ subtitle=’AMTY052′ description=’Digital EP”. Classic Swedish Oi band from Stockholm at last as digital release. (Release 22.a december)’ img_id=’21640′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Gultjack – det är vad det är’ subtitle=’AMTY051′ description=’Digital EP”.Gultjack is a rusty teflon pan with burned scrambled eggs, rather than a useful, light-pressed smoothie. Swedish punk. (Release 5.e januari 2018)’ img_id=’21504′ link=]

[amty_records title=’The Statement – Checking In’ subtitle=’AMTY050′ description=’Digital EP”. The Statement is most former members from Mobster. A real good and fresh begining for this new started Swedish Ska band. (Release 15.e December 2017)’ img_id=’20941′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Scenic Belly – No Luck!’ subtitle=’AMTY049′ description=’Digital EP”. AMTY favorites Scenic Bellys first record out as digital release on AMTY Records! ’ img_id=’13327′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Headons – …av ingenting’ subtitle=’AMTY046′ description=’10”. Headons is back with  9 brand new songs on AMTYs favorite format 10″ vinyl. (Release 24 of November 2017)’ img_id=’20074′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Lasse Pop Experience’ subtitle=’AMTY048′ description=’Digital single. Lasse Pop Experience is a punk solo project from the Swedish town Halmstad. Here with a cover of The Saints song Private affair. ’ img_id=’20083′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’T Shirts – To my love’ subtitle=’AMTY047′ description=’7″. One of ,or maybe the first Swedish ska band ever is back! This is the bands first releas since the 80s ’ img_id=’18906′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’That Driving Beat – Wishing & Hoping’ subtitle=’AMTY045′ description=’7″. Northern Soul from Stockholm. ’ img_id=’18907′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Liptones / Beat Bahnhof – Split’ subtitle=’AMTY039′ description=’7″. Swedish band The Liptones and Japanese Beat Bahnhof is competing about best 2-tone band. (Release 13 jan 2017) ’ img_id=’17615′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Doka – New era’ subtitle=’AMTY043′ description=’Lp. Now on vinyl! Hard streetpunk from Bollnäs. Good production and a hell of a go! (Release januari 2017) ’ img_id=’13036′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Mobster – Checking Out’ subtitle=’AMTY044′ description=’Digital Ep. Mobsters last songs.’ img_id=’17406′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Supertonic Sound Club – Truly something special’ subtitle=’AMTY042′ description=’Digital singel. Northern soul from Dublin. Third release on AMTY rec.’ img_id=’16761′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Ska´n´Ska – A-Team’ subtitle=’AMTY041′ description=’7″. Ska,punk, balkan, latin from Stockholm.’ img_id=’16718′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’That driving beat – Good loving’ subtitle=’AMTY038′ description=’7″. Northern soul from Stockholm with a nice flow. (release 29 april)’ img_id=’15504′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Scenic Belly – Trying hard to be a man’ subtitle=’AMTY037′ description=’7″. Oi/punk from Halmstad. Swedens new punk city. (release 15 april)’ img_id=’15500′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’That Driving Beat – Fifteen minutes of northern soul’ subtitle=’AMTY040′ description=’Digital Ep. Their first release. ’ img_id=’16555′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Topper – So what you gonna do’ subtitle=’AMTY036′ description=’Digital single.’ img_id=’14277′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Scenic Belly- Good Days’ subtitle=’AMTY035′ description=’Digital single’ img_id=’14269′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Topper – Get in the line’ subtitle=’AMTY033 + 34′ description=’Cd & Lp. Punk from Stockholm with sing a long hits.’ img_id=’14272′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Doka – New era’ subtitle=’AMTY032′ description=’Cd. Hard streetpunk from Bollnäs. Good production and a hell of a go!’ img_id=’13036′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Hilfe – Ep3′ subtitle=’AMTY031′ description=’7″. Punk from South of Sweden, Växjö.’ img_id=’15149′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Smash it up – Nine nine nine’ subtitle=’AMTY030′ description=’Digital single. ’ img_id=’12910′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Smash it up – Westcoast democrazy’ subtitle=’AMTY028 & 029′ description=’Cd & Lp. Streetpunk from Gothenburg of the highest class.’ img_id=’13039′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Supertonic Sound Club – Cracked up over you’ subtitle=’AMTY027′ description=’7″. Irish STSC shows they master Northen Soul as good as they master ska and reggae. A truly superb record.’ img_id=’12916′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Headons – Vi ska aldrig bli som dom’ subtitle=’AMTY026′ description=’7″. Headons are punk from Halmstad with swedish songs. One extra song on the digital release.’ img_id=’12936′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Svintask – Annie On The Guillotine’ subtitle=’AMTY025′ description=’Digital single. Svintask is back with one song with their comment about the election 2014 in Sweden.’ img_id=’12181′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Spökstan – Hej kompis’ subtitle=’AMTY024′ description=’7″. Spökstan is a ska, reggae group from Stockholm with former members from our first release Crooked Beat. Sex tracks is available digital.’ img_id=’12191′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Supertonic – Scheherazade’ subtitle=’AMTY023′ description=’7″. AMTY records proudly presents Dave Barker and Supertonic Sound Club.’ img_id=’12216′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Svintask – Vinstvarning’ subtitle=’AMTY022′ description=’7″. AMTYs second punk/oi release. Vinstvarning is swedish cult band Svintask debut record. 5 tracks with a punky attitude.’ img_id=’11635′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Liptones – Sidospår’ subtitle=’AMTY020+021′ description=’Cd & Lp. The Liptones is back but this time with lyrics in swedish. As Always a strong production.’ img_id=’12201′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Liptones – Sommarlåten’ subtitle=’AMTY019′ description=’Digital single. Liptones with lyrics in swedish.’ img_id=’11632′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Liptones – Meaning of Life’ subtitle= ’AMTY016 & AMTY018′ description=’Cd & Lp. AMTYs first and highly anticipated vinyl drop. Liptones on vinyl gives a whole new fantastic sound.’ img_id=’4896′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Mobster – Master & Servant’ subtitle=’AMTY017′ description=’Cd Ep. Three ska tracks from Landskrona.’ img_id=’1233′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Mobster – Rough and Ready’ subtitle=’AMTY015′ description=’Cd. Rough and Ready by Mobster are the band from Landskronas second album. As usually very pleasant listening.’ img_id=’708′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Streamers – This is the last day of my Life’ subtitle=’AMTY014′ description=’Cd. AMTY records now released their fourteenth album. This time with the sovereign Borås/ Gothenburg group The Streamers!’ img_id=’707′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Mobster – The knee jerk reaction’ subtitle=’AMTY013′ description=’Cd. This is the debut with Mobster from Skåne. The cd´s 13 tracks are a tribute to the 60’s Jamaican originaska, influenced by the two-tone era, yet with its own particular sound.’ img_id=’706′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Liptones – In english’ subtitle=’AMTY012′ description=’Cd. Liptones new album has more variety in their sound than before but it´s the same energetic and happy music that we are so accustomed to with this band.’ img_id=’31969′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Kalles Kaviar – Lime Time’ subtitle=’AMTY011′ description=’Cd. Lime Time is the group from Switzerland third album. Kalles Kaviar plays original oriented ska.’ img_id=’15131′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Open season – Hot & fire’ subtitle=’AMTY010′ description=’Cd. After three strong releases by Swiss Open Season, we (AMTY) thought that it would be fun to co release their new album Hot & Fire with Leech records to try to sell them in Scandinavia. Open Season playing an original inspired ska.’ img_id=’703′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Bustups v/s The Liptones – Same’ subtitle=’AMTY009′ description=’7″. Sweden´s two largest skaband (at the time) The Bustups from  Malmö and The Liptones from Falköping together on this record. The first 100 copies was released on white vinyl.’ img_id=’702′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Liptones – Espandrillos’ subtitle=’AMTY008′ description=’Cd Ep. Four track from swedens finest ska in exclusive digipack.’ img_id=’701′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Liptones – The latest news’ subtitle=’AMTY007′ description=’Cd. The debut from The Liptones. Fourteen tracks with upbeat ska from Falköping.’ img_id=’700′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Dims Rebellion – Same’ subtitle=’AMTY006′ description=’7″. Oi from Stockholm. Four tracks vinyl. ’ img_id=’6796′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’Magadogs – Gimmie some more’ subtitle=’AMTY005′ description=’7″. Three tracks with ska from the north of Sweden.’ img_id=’699′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Xplosions – A little way different’ subtitle=’AMTY004′ description=’Cd. Ska and reggae from London.’ img_id=’698′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Skalatones – 2YK anniversary single’ subtitle=’AMTY003′ description=’7″. The last two songs from Skalatones and an exclusive interview with the band from Jamaican radio presented on white vinyl.’ img_id=’697′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Repeaters – District 723 35′ subtitle=’AMTY002′ description=’7″. Thoose youngsters from Västerås presents a jazzy original ska with the right feeling.’ img_id=’15132′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Crooked Beat- Same’ subtitle=’AMTY001′ description=’Cd. Ska and reggae with a fat horn section is presented by this band from Sundbyberg outside Stockholm.’ img_id=’693′ link=’’]

[amty_records title=’The Lodgers Live Stockholm’ subtitle=’AMTY000′ description=’VHS video. AMTYs very first release. Recorded at Cirkeln in Stockholm 13 March 1992. 142 minutes, 24 songs. (soldout)’ img_id=’6789′ link=’’]