Xplosions – A little way different

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London band som lirar svänging ska och reggae. Släppt på AMTY records. Vårt första släpp med ett band utanför Sverige.

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1 Grey skies
2 Big thing
3 In disguise
4 Do it
5 London town
6 Crocodile tears
7 Divided in two
8 Scraping
9 A little way different
10 Worlds apart
11 Soon you´ll be gone

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The Xplosions ”A Little Way Different”

En klarare musikalisk linje efterlyste jag i #2 när förra singeln Everyday stories avhandlades. Londonbandet svarar med än bredare perspektiv och det fungerar utmärkt, så där fick jag! Detta är A Message To Yous första fullängdsläpp och ett bättre första album kunde de inte starta med. Huvudsakligen är det stillsam och behaglig reggae som strömmar ur högtalarna, men med inslag av såväl ska som dub fixar The Xplosions så att plattan aldrig går på tomgång. Underbara London town från förra singeln ges en repris, annars är det nog Big thing och skapärlan Scraping som är mina favoriter. Arbetet med fanzinet må ta stryk av engagemanget i skivbolagsbranschen, men fortsätter A Message To You att hålla den här klassen må det vara hänt. Betyg 4 nav 5 (Streetmusic F.C. Nr 6)

Isn‘t it sad that, after several years of plugging away, London Skinhead reggae outfit, The Xplosions, only get to release an album as an epitaph? Yeah, they‘ve gone. Rich Gill dropped me a line to give me the news that the struggle to maintain a solid line-up that could rehearse, gig and record regularly was no longer viable. They weren‘t to everybody‘s taste the vocals maybe too gentle, the tempo too leisurely but they were sure as hell doing something right-their debut single sold out and they pleased a lot of people, me included. That first vinyl single was reviewed in our very first issue, back in Autumn 1998, when I suggested that they could form an important part of British Ska heritage. Maybe they have, but I‘m disappointed that it ends three years later with only one album to reminisce over. Lisa and I saw them live in a poky little pub in Leeds and they rocked the place. Most of those live tracks have been recorded in the studio for this album and both sides of that promising debut single, ”Do It” and ”scraping” have been re-recorded. For some reason, the Reggae track ”Snatched” that featured on the excellent ”Full English Breakfast” compilation a few years back is missing-a disappointing loose end -but the rest of the resume is here, ending with a fine cover of ”Soon You‘ll Be Gone” which of course becomes rather poignant now. You really should get hold of this as its the end of a fine effort from some genuine Ska fans who went their own way and got a little way doing it. Thanks for remembering us, Rich and the Xplosions. Mad Not Mad won‘t forget you either  (Mad Not Mad Nr 9)

Great to see that despite the band‘s untimely split last year, The Xplosions excellent debut album has at last been released thanks to Swedish label, AMTY Records. The 11 song CD is titled ”A Little Way Different” and features a great selection of 60s style ska and reggae rhythms and thought provoking lyrics. Rich and Simon from the Xplosions flew over to Stockholm recently for the CD‘s release party. (Do The Dog Nr 24)

The Xplosions may be gone from the global ska and reggae scene, but just before they called it a day, they had laid down the finishing touches for their debut album. AMTY skazine in Sweden have done a top job with the release. So get yourself a copy right away. (Ska Patro Nr l 9)

The Xplosions – A little way different
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The first time I heard this band was on a german ska compilation called ”Achtung Elmo”, it was an overall good record. But there was one song I just loved, ”London Town” with the Xplotions. So when I found ”a little way different” I just had to buy it, the record was even better than I thought. It‘s is a little slower than the song I first heard, reggae and ska with lots of organ and not much horns. Man I love it, not that I dont like horns but I really love organs. There are only 11 songs on the record so a few more would be nice, but you cant have it all. It would get 5/5 if it wouldnt be for really lousy vocals by the female part in the band, Meike on some songs, she shold stick to her trumpet. One funny thing is that they are only four people in the band and they have four guest musicians 🙂
(Rudeboy‘s Choice)

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