Topper – Are We All Damned

Topper – Are We All Damned, 2018
Topper is a band from Stockholm, Sweden and was formed 2000.  The band members have all played in different bands since the early 80’s. In 2000 Topper released the single “Once A Punk, Always A Punk” that instantly became a Nr.1 radio hit in Sweden followed by their first album released 2005 with the same titel. 2010 Topper released their 2nd album “Punk Don’t Death – Just Get Through It” and 2015 the 3rd album “Get In The Line” was released. Thea release was follwed by a Germany Tour during the fall of 2015. Topper has over the years played with bands as Buzzcocks, The Boys, UK Subs, The Outcast and The Adicts

Topper is releasing their 4th full length album “Are We All Damned?”, recorded in Stockholm and once again produced by Ulf “”Rockis” Ivarsson – What was captured on tape is Old School Punkrock full of energy and attitude that leaves no one indifferent.
Topper’s music carries the legacy of bands like The Clash and Still Little Fingers.