Doka – New era (CD & LP)

DOKA is a Punkrockband formed in 2008. Three records have been done, and now we are releasing the fourth one ”New Era”. The debute ”Drunk, Punk ’N’ Roll” was released in 2009. In 2010 ”Up Again” and in 2013 ”District Zero Two Seven Eight” was released. DOKA have also contributed to different compilation-records, skateboard-movies and snowboard-movies like: “Hey punk diy volume 2” and ”The Search Is Everything” – Nils Arvidsson by Rip Curl.

Track 1, 4, 8

1.Get Of My Back
2.Self Destruction
3.No Class
4.The Starting Point
5.Life Based O A Lie
6.Out Of Control
7.Break Free
9.Can’t Stay In Line
10.I’ll Watch Your Back