Headons – … Av ingenting (10″)

HEADON” celebrates” 10 years and notes that some things actually was better before, at least if you don’t rewind to far back in time. But we never give up, the fight for a better more peaceful including world continues. How do you best celebrate your tenth year anniversary? With a 10″ filled with loads of singalong punk right at the spot. All in the world language Swedish of course.

Track: A 1, B1

Sid: A
1. Sista kejsaren
2. K-Pist
3. Bättre förr
4. Där rädslan styr
5. De envisaste lögner

Sid: B
1. Våran lilla stad
2. Långt upp i halsen
3. Mörkblå
4. …Slåss med oss