Spökstan – Hej kompis (7″)

The year is 2007: Punky reggae from Jämtland, a northern province of Sweden, meets ska from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Backed with mottos like ”Kärlek, Fotboll, Tårgas!” (”Love, Football, Tear Gas!”) and ”Glesbygd, Förort, Ståplats!” (”Countryside, Suburb, The Terraces!”), Spökstan enter the arena. With members hailing from past and present acts like Monkey Radar (Punkrock), The Crooked Beat (reggae/ska), Congoman Crew (reggae), Makabert Fynd (hardcore punk), Paraden (reggae), Knark (hardcore punk) and Rogues Utd (hardcore punk), Spökstan capture the mood and state of a society (with lyrics in Swedish) where the cracks are widening. At their first gig at Crazy Eagle, a pub in Kallhäll (a suburb northwest of Stockholm) followed by a now legendary one at Gula Villan in Järna, the band is greeted by mix of music lovers, culture vultures, lunatics (one armed with an axe!), theater buffs and every Tom, Dick and Harry. Success is not guaranteed but the band are hitting the right notes and the crowd are dancing. Seven years on, a musical roller coaster takes Spökstan on to AMTY Records for their debut release….and it’s well worth the wait.

Track: A 1. B 1.

Sid: A

1. Hej kompis
2. Bankrutt

Sid: B
1. Lever bara en gång/Kling och Klang