Supertonic – Scheherazade (7″)

Dave Barker is one of the legends of Jamaican reggae music. As part of Dave & Ansell Collins, he scored a UK No. 1 in 1971 with ”Double Barrel” (this was also the very first reggae track to break the US Billboard Top 40!) and another UK Top 10 hit with ”Monkey Spanner”. Dave also played with The Techniques and The Selecter and has a string of solo releases including ”Prisoner of Love” and ”Shocks Of Mighty”. Supertonic Sound Club are an 8 piece Dublin based band who play a mix of old school soul-funk and reggae/ska. They are a relatively new band but have recorded radio sessions for the BBC and RTE, earning them rave reviews. Members of Supertonic Sound Club have performed with Oasis, Van Morrisson and a host of other international artists.

Track: 1 & 2

Sid A.

Sid B.
Little boy